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Dail gold

• In your edition of December 28, you published details of Oireachtas pensions. It hardly made for happy Christmas-time reading for those who are unemployed in this country.

The details really only tell part of the story -- to complete the picture can you not reprint the list together with the years of 'service' clocked up that qualified the happy gang for their lifetime bonanza?

In this context, I note that in a previous edition and reporting on Willie Penrose's resignation as a Minister of State, your reporter mentioned that he would not qualify for a ministerial pension because he had not completed the two years necessary to qualify for one.

Imagine qualifying for a life-time pension after two years' 'service'.

Keep up the good work of keeping us informed about how our elite politicians go about their 'self-service'.

Dick Brennan
Tramore, Co Waterford

Irish Independent