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Cuts pumping life-blood out of the country

Lovely Dubley. So now there are bin charges for Dublin City Council's population. Also, for the whole country, household property charges of €100 and, of course, water charges are on the way. You didn't think that the Government was just talking about it.

As they say, there is no smoke without fire. What do we do? Do we all lie down and take it with a pinch of salt and cry out: "What can we do; the country is damned."

I would have much preferred to use a stronger word to depict the state of the country but the powers that be probably would not have printed it, but I know you get my drift. We have no money, no jobs, no peace of mind, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and we all lie down like sheep in a field.

To be fair, I don't know what to do either, and I wish I did, because I would have every man, woman and child walking and protesting outside the Dail against the idiots who are within it.

Ireland is going down the tube quickly. The Government expects people to pay out of a job seekers' allowance of €188 the ESB, the phone, petrol, groceries, mortgages, bin charges, house charges etc. People having paid their taxes all their lives are receiving such a paltry sum. Some are even receiving less. Is it any wonder that hundreds of thousands of people are in arrears?

Now the health cuts have arrived by special courier -- Dr James Reilly -- to add salt to injury. Hospital budgets are to be reduced, with the number of home-help hours, home support people and respite care to be affected.

Thousands are to be put out of nursing homes and who will take care of them? The no-money-in-their pockets families? I don't think so. These poor, elderly people will be left to rot and die. Sorry, no other way to say it. Dr Reilly says "nobody is going to die because of health cuts. That is a certainty". Nurses will be at a minimum, hospitals will lose more than 3,000 staff, including 1,600 nurses, and the Government thinks it will run smoothly enough as Dr Reilly says the system is in need of radical change. Ha, Dr Reilly, you will achieve that all right -- "radical change". A mad man's recipe for disaster.

Could all these plans move more slowly? Dr Reilly is like a mad man with a hatchet, cutting down a tree when his plan might have blossomed more slowly if taken at a slower pace.

Sure why worry about all these cuts? Won't we all be getting a Christmas card from the TDs and senators in Dail Eireann next year? 217,000 cards were sent, printed internally in Leinster House for politicians last year. Not this year Minister.

Ms Terry Healy
Kill, Co Kildare

Irish Independent