Thursday 22 February 2018

Cutbacks will cause stagnation once again

Brian Lenihan states that the first cuts in a four-year budget plan will be the deepest. This is the worst possible strategy and will have the effect of bringing spending to a complete standstill, closing businesses, and reducing employment. The overall result will be to starve the Exchequer of funds.

Instead of devising a credible economic stimulus plan, the Government seems intent on destroying completely the independence our forefathers laid down their lives for. That said, we cannot engage in Obama-style borrowing to stimulate the economy because the greed of Fianna Fail and their banking cronies has destroyed our credibility to the extent that no one wants to lend to us.

The Government admits its own lack of capability by approaching the opposition for ideas. Instead of trying to destroy democracy in this way by reducing the choice to the electorate, the Government should turn to the ordinary people of Ireland who I believe are the key to solving the country's problems.

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