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Cut out rehiring of retired public staff

The recent retirement package offered to public sector workers is nothing more than a waste of money and is a farcical exercise when retired staff are rehired in the same service as consultants, advisers, nurses or administrative staff.

I have been working in the health service for many years and cannot believe retired staff -- who are in receipt of a pension and have collected their lump sums -- still report for work, while the young staff who are in receipt of no income and have been trained by the health service are collecting unemployment benefit or seeking work outside of our country.

The greed is unbelievable. If staff have opted for retirement, then they are no longer seeking work within the public service. If they do decide to work, then they should create their own job and maybe even employ someone else. That would be a fairer system rather than taking from the ones who have nothing. Give our young people a chance.

Cathy Daniel
Enfield, Co Meath

Irish Independent