Thursday 22 February 2018

Cut and patch

• It is a dim reality that our best days may be behind us, not even 100 years from our independence. It's quite possible that the current Government need not have promised so much at the last general election.

The "reforms" we are seeing at the moment are nothing short of cowardice, by raising taxes and reducing expenditure in order to maintain a rotten defunct public system. It was used in the 1980s in order to preserve the order and it is being tried again. There was a uniquely Irish response to the arrival of the IMF two years ago -- anger at the state we arrived at and relief that we would be sorted out by an outside organisation. It has not happened. We are pursuing this cut-and-patch system of reform.

How the public/civil service has come to dominate the executive via its union power has in essence subverted democracy. The interests of the many are being sacrificed for the few and it will not stop.

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