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Cuckoos truly in charge of asylum

Frank McNamara says we should consider banning dogs in public places due to irresponsible owners allowing their dogs to foul public areas (Letters, January 19).

Why not do what the Germans do? Register all dogs and take a DNA sample of each. If owners do not clean up after their pets, a dog warden is soon knocking on the front door to collect a hefty fine. Problem solved.

But then it probably wouldn't work here because we're different, aren't we?

I mean this is a country in which the transport minister goes on holiday amid the worst winter weather in 50 years and the big boys on fat salaries in the public service forget to send gritting crews out to clear the roads. Where people are up their necks in floods and the 'Minister for Snow' announces a water shortage, and offers a miserly €10m to folks who have been washed out of their homes and farms, while donating €20m to Haiti.

It's a case once again of Paddy fighting everyone else's war except his own.

The cuckoos are truly in charge of the asylum in this woefully mismanaged, unfortunate country led by those who lack conscience or accountability and who simply don't give a damn about the people.

Paddy O'brien
Balbriggan, co Dublin

Irish Independent