Friday 19 January 2018

Crying out for new people

Madam – As sure as leaves fall from trees, the disaffected, disturbed and disenfranchised from the inner core of power rattle their sabres. Sometimes the leader re-admits them to the big tent and sometimes their bluff is called.

The front page, (Sunday Independent, November 17, 2013) flew the well-flagged kite that we might like a new political party. In times of chaos, double dealing and downright political lies and chicanery, the idea of a new party might whet the appetite for change.

However, the pertinent question is always the simple one. Are we getting a new party and all that it promises or are we getting old wine transferred into new bottles? Leonard Cohen described it as new skin for an old ceremony. And in this case, I see plenty of old wine and wrinkled skin. As a nation we seem to have bred a select few whom see it as a birthright that they should rule. When not ruling, they then see it as a right that they should try and influence. I sometimes ask how come I was never equipped with that type of brio, confidence and downright arrogance?

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