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Crunch time

•I had to laugh when I read the uproar caused by the GAA camogie president Joanne O'Flynn in relation to the recent Largo foods advertising campaign.

The Hunky Dory adverts hit the headlines last year under a rugby guise, and have returned in the last week under a GAA theme. The gist of Ms O'Flynn's comments is that the real female GAA stars will be on show this weekend at Croke Park and that the women portrayed in the Hunky Dorys advert illustrates a "gratuitous" representation of women.

In fact, I would argue that the GAA could learn a lot from a local Irish company like Largo that isn't content to throw lavish money on generic and dated advertising campaigns, but instead uses some marketing savvy.

Sometimes we Irish can be a little too sensitive and, dare I say it, backward in our opinions. Agreed, the ladies taking to the pitch this weekend are great athletes and more power to them.

However, if the truth be known I'm sure many of those same players either have a wry smile at a glimpse of the cheeky Hunky Dory pictures or acknowledge the commercial intelligence used in their creation.

Jonathan Reddington
Swords, Co Dublin

Irish Independent