Tuesday 21 January 2020

Cruellest cut

• When I read the Irish Independent on Tuesday, December 6, I was in shock, as I'm sure was everyone in the country who experiences disability in their families.

Michael Noonan, when I spoke to him personally last year, expressed his disapproval of last year's cuts imposed by Fianna Fail within the disability spectrum and assured me that if elected to office he would reverse that party's disability cuts.

Not only has he broken his promise but he -- blaming Joan Burton -- targeted the most vulnerable with these most savage cuts to disabled youngsters.

It is simply not good enough to be told that this injustice has been paused and is being reviewed. The disabled of the electorate need to be told in much more certain terms that these cuts are not only off the table, but will remain so for the duration of this government.

The late Jim Kemmy was brave enough to bring down a government over VAT being applied to children's shoes. I hope that today's elected TDs will be just as brave in this matter which is 10 times more unjust than the issue of VAT on children's shoes.

To parallel a disability allowance to a job seeker's allowance shows extreme short-sightedness by the minister who told me he had himself been a carer for 10 years.

A non-disabled person may find it hard to find a job, but a disabled youngster is in a very different position in this respect.

David Bradley

Irish Independent

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