Sunday 17 November 2019

Cronyism in Seanad cannot be defended

I CANNOT be the only person who is disgusted by the Seanad being abused as a second bite at the cherry for candidates who failed in the general election.

There are several nominees who ran for election to the Dail, failed and then went straight for the election to Leinster House.

Is this democracy, when candidates from the main parties will run for anything just to secure a job with a nice pay cheque?

If they were really committed to representing the groups in society that senators claim to, then sitting candidates in the Seanad would not jump ship and try to get elected to the Dail, running back again when they fail to make the cut.

I think it makes a mockery of our political system and proves that representing the people is not a main focus of some politicians. They see any public office as an easy route to a well-paid, secure job.

I've heard of one example of a sitting senator who is worried for his financial prosperity because he failed in the general election and is putting all his efforts into retaining his Seanad seat because he has no actual work skills or experience to fall back on.

If they have no experience in the real world, what qualifies them to run for office in the first place? How can they have a clue about the very serious problems facing working-class men and women all over the country?

I think the problem is the reliance on the party ticket. If they're part of one of the main parties, then they know all the "right" people and will get elected based on the party name and party-pull instead of their own name.

I won't even get started on the issue of 11 Taoiseach-nominated senators! If that is not a clear-cut example of a ruling political party creating comfy jobs for its friends then I don't know what is.

This is not public service; it is self-service and another glaring reason why the Seanad should be abolished.

Rory Gavin
Co Galway

Irish Independent

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