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Croke shark

•I'm one of the lucky ones to obtain a ticket for the Dublin/Kerry All-Ireland football final. Like many more people, myself and my daughter have supported Dublin through thick and thin over the past few years. I'm disgusted at the €80 I had to pay for a ticket. My heart goes out to the true fans who can't afford these sinful prices and will not be at the match, especially the Kerry families who will have no family reductions and will have the extra cost of travel and possible overnight stay.

Therefore, by the grace of money, Croke Park will be full of corporate people and their friends -- not true fans. It was said that Fianna Fail, the Catholic Church and the GAA controlled this country in the past -- it is blatantly obvious that the same holds true for the GAA today.

I have no doubt the GAA would take a dim view of me flogging my ticket outside Croke Park on Sunday week to the highest bidder and making a tidy profit, yet in theory that is exactly what they are doing with their prices. I feel both the Dubs and the Kerry team should make their views known as it involves their true fan base who follow them throughout the country during all types of weather. Finally, I would be embarrassed today if I was a GAA board member and would certainly hang my head in shame.

Aidan Hampson
Artane, Dublin 5

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