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Croke Park No vote

• The Croke Park II proposals were much more than pay cuts for 'high-earning' civil and public servants.

They included longer working hours and fundamental changes to working conditions.

Civil and public servants have already taken a pay cut and are paying a pension levy (since 2009), it's not as if this group has not been paying for this crisis for many years.

Tadhg O Suilleabhan

Maigh Eo

• Now that Croke Park II has been rejected, what will the Government do to raise the €300m? I believe it must look at our tax system.

The higher tax rate should never have been reduced below 45pc. An economy has to have a way of paying for its services. So I suggest we raise the higher tax band to 45pc for those who earn over €50,000.

Eamonn Kitt

Tuam, Co Galway

• An open letter to An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny: It is time now to hold steadfast and strong in the face of intimidation by the trade unions.

Their public service members have just voted No to a proposed deal in the full knowledge that a likely 7pc reduction in pay would be the alternative. Government should now implement the further 7pc pay cut.

Warnings of a campaign of industrial action must be faced down. Should industrial action ensue, then those striking should not be paid.

Striking groups should be singled out, and made an example of, by letting them out on strike for a prolonged spell, without pay. Lost earnings will bring delusional public sector employees to their senses while also saving the State some money.

Ireland can no longer afford to be held to ransom.

J B Murphy

Ennis Road, Limerick

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