Thursday 19 April 2018

Credibility of Cowen in shreds

DOES anyone remember Muhammad al-Sahhaf (‘Baghdad Bob’), the Iraqi information minister during the 2003 invasion? The guy who appeared on television to announce there were no US troops in Iraq as American M1 Abrams battle tanks rolled past him in the background?

The same minister then claimed that the US army had surrendered, with hundreds of soldiers committing suicide at the gates of Baghdad, only a day or so before the capital was overrun and occupied by the invading forces? Do you remember how we smirked at his brass neck and total lack of any credibility?

As I watched our bumbling Taoiseach (‘Bulls**t Brian’?) on national television trying to deny that Ireland is facing an imminent IMF bailout, even as financial stormtroopers from Brussels were landing in Dublin Airport behind him, it all suddenly came back to me.

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