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Crazy decision to shut cancer unit

I WAS delighted to see on your front page (Irish Independent, October 22) a lovely photograph of female politicians in training for the Dublin marathon.

And I was pleased to see that one of them was my local TD, Lucinda Creighton, running for St Luke's Cancer Hospital in Rathgar.

However, this existing centre of excellence, which was voted best hospital in a recent irishhealth.com online poll, is to be closed in 2014 -- and it is rumoured that the hospital is already closed to new patients, even though the new cancer centre at St James's Hospital is not open yet.

Good luck in the marathon, Lucinda; but when you recover from your run please consider picketing the Department of Health until Mary Harney changes this crazy decision. I for one will join you.

Incidentally, according to the National Cancer Registry there were over 31,000 new cancer cases diagnosed in 2009.

We should not be closing proven cancer centres.

Rebekah Corbett Dublin 6

Irish Independent