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Cowen still facing humiliation

I WAS delighted that Brian Cowen won the Fianna Fail vote of confidence. I must state a vested interest, because for seven years since the introduction of the smoking ban, I have disliked Micheal Martin.

However, that pales into insignificance when I think of what Fianna Fail has done to this country.

Therefore, I expect that Cowen will lead them to a far bigger humiliation in the election than Martin would ever have.

The old pros and the media characterised Martin's mini-heave as amateurish, but if they had their finger on the changing pulse of the public mood, they might have realised that what made it all seem amateurish in their eyes was the open honesty and integrity that Micheal showed, something our cynical political commentators would know nothing about.

Far from being amateurish, it was the kind of reasoned, gentle fairness that our people need to see and hear from their public representatives.

Instead, we have the usual drivel from Cowen about a "fighter" to contest an election, and at his side, the two faces of Lenihan, backed up by all the shifty, self-serving faces that we have become sick of.

There is no doubt that Martin will be called upon in time to come and re-invent that awful party, but for now, we face the prospect of watching Fianna Fail canvassers squirm at our doorsteps as they trot out their mantras about "hard decisions".

And we, all of us, can push the annihilation button on polling day.

John Mallon

Mayfield, Cork