Saturday 18 November 2017

Cowen needs a sense of urgency

Leo Varadkar is right about Mary Coughlan. I, too, had an opportunity to attend a function she spoke at in London. She was a disgrace. She did not understand the topic she was speaking about and read a prepared script in a disinterested voice. She then answered a few questions with the meaningless doublespeak she is so fond of, eg: "We are where we are" and "going forward". Not an ounce of substance.

While Taoiseach Brian Cowen spends weeks navel gazing about how best to balance the crony-vested interests of his party, thousands more people lose their jobs and give up hope of finding one; and thousands of small businesses cling on by their fingernails. He seems incapable of bringing any sense of urgency to any issue.

Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly, appears to be the only senior public official with the honesty to say it as she sees it, again. She identifies the sea-change in attitude required before Ireland can fix its broken civil society.

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