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Cowen digs himself into another hole


Brian Cowen tells us the affairs of Anglo Irish Bank were not discussed during the golf outing he had with Sean FitzPatrick in July 2008; that the best part of a day was spent on social chit-chat among friends. This is a remarkable admission.

Time, curiosity and a requirement to be fully informed are presumably the most precious characteristics of a Taoiseach.

Given the rapidly evolving and far-reaching nature of the crisis at Anglo during 2008 and the chaotic uncertainty about its stability and solvency, it was surely grossly irresponsible of Mr Cowen not to have asked Mr FitzPatrick the most penetrating questions about what was going on, or are we now to conclude that the Taoiseach was simply unfocused and not capable of doing so?

Those who have been devastated as a consequence of Anglo are still waiting for due process to take its course two-and-a-half years later. They are the only victims of this appalling debacle and they were not the architects of the rise and collapse of Anglo.

Myles Duffy
Glenageary, Co Dublin

It is possible Brian Cowen didn't ask Sean FitzPatrick anything about Anglo Irish Bank. After all, he seems so far out of his depth that maybe he just did not understand what was going on. Mind you, you could say that about most of the Cabinet.

Derek Niland
Co Galway

For once I have to agree with Eamon O Cuiv -- the golf course is no place to discuss the banks or the economy. Everybody knows that the appropriate place for discussions of this nature is the Galway Races.

Brian Hopkins
Harold's Cross, Dublin 6

When a person who feels no shame plays golf with one who accepts no blame, you can bank on who'll pick up the tab.

We are all in tee-shock.

Michele Savage
Dublin 12

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