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Cowen being scapegoated by Fianna Fail


After Bertie Ahern's recent attack on Brian Cowen in a tabloid interview, only one senior FF figure came to his defence.

Defence Minister Tony Killeen described Ahern's criticisms as "a little unfair".

This may suggest that the party has turned on Cowen in an effort to scapegoat him as the bearer of all blame attached to our economic woes.

It is a little pathetic to think a whole party could abandon their "leader" and still be in command of the country.

If anything, Bertie should be taking more of the blame from the public as he jumped ship back in May 2008.

It is borderline unbelievable that Bertie said no one had told him about any banking crisis when he was Taoiseach.

Also, he came over a little petty in his interview and he lost a lot of respect by partaking in an interview with a British tabloid.

It does seem a little harsh that Brian Cowen is being blamed for all of our economic woes and that he will be remembered as one of our worst leaders.

Only Bertie Ahern knew he was handing him a poisoned chalice back in 2008 and he seemed happy to get the country's blood off his hands.

Justin Kelly

Edenderry, Co Offaly

After reading Bertie Ahern's speech (Irish Independent, December 31) I have to agree with him: the country is not banjaxed.

Anyone would be able to live on €300,000 with a free car and royalties from jumping out of a kitchen cupboard.

We should give any FF TD dumping politics with their bumper pension a voting machine.

They wanted them -- they can keep them!

Andrew Lunn

Maynooth, Co Kildare

Don't you just love it? "Martin: Fianna Fail needs major surgery after election."

And just down the page: "O'Rourke forecasts very difficult election as she decides to stand again."

Might I suggest for a surgeon they appoint Sweeney Todd or Mac The Knife to the job.

The British are lending us billions while they have done away with ministers' cars while we keep them.

Incongruous? Farcical? A bit Irish, surely.

Pat Brennan

Glasnevin, Dublin 11

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