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Cowen and his 'Korea' move

A LEAVY declares that I have "no memory of the deference shown by much of the Irish media for well over a decade to a Government that was running the country into the ground". (Letters, October 2). He then goes on to compare the current Taoiseach's coming into office as being akin to Kim Jong-il's appointment of a successor in North Korea.

Thankfully, this is not North Korea.

Here we have the right to elect our politicians who, as long as they retain the majority of support in our parliament, are open to the internal rules and procedures of our parliamentary democracy.

But most importantly, unlike North Korea, we here have the right to remove politicians at election time -- something I think A Leavy fails in their letter to acknowledge.

As for my forgetting the media's deference to the Government, I do recall media critic George Lee getting elected to the Dail where he was to take the fight to them -- but I can't recall what became of him. Funny that!

Patrick Corkery
Cork City

Irish Independent