Wednesday 22 November 2017

Coveney lacks moral courage

Madam – I commend Fiona O'Connell for her article (Sunday Independent, December 9, 2012), "This savage behaviour is a bloody disgrace," in which she highlights the cruelty of blood sports. The support for this barbaric activity within political circles proves again that nothing ever changes in our political system.

How disappointing that Minister Coveney lacked the moral courage to take a stand and outlaw the cruelty and abuse of mink in the fur farming industry. It is disingenuous of him to try and justify his decision on the basis that this practice was no different from intensive farming in other sectors. The Labour Party appears to be an extension of Fine Gael: its concerns or interest in animal welfare have been submerged in its quest to stay in Government, irrespective of alienating its core supporters.

Mary C Fitzpatrick,

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