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Country needs a political museum

The Casby caricatures are an exception to the adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

How about further portraits, say, of previous Fianna Fail incumbents of that post, and his take on those who put them there?

But where to hang them?

This country badly needs a politico-arts centre, a forum for debates, for playing archived 'Scrap Saturday', and for displaying the many and excellent cartoons which grace our newspapers with their insight and intelligence, and for philosophy (which, due to the status of religion as an obligatory subject for second-level state exams, most Irish people never have a chance to experience/ explore).

This might help both to politicise our citizens and to sweep the cobwebs off an under-performing electorate, and it may help tighten up political transparency and accountability.

Michelle Savage
Dublin 12

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