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Counted out

I read in the Irish Independent (January 21), that the Government was trying to come up with ways of disposing of the now-defunct and redundant e-voting machines.

As the bill for the machines is fast approaching the €55m mark, with storage and admin costs, I have some novel ideas on how to get rid of them.

1. Drop them off at Bertie Ahern's house.

2. Drop off a load of hacksaws along with former FF ministers Noel Dempsey and Martin Cullen, and let them decommission them under the watchful eye of the Irish taxpayer.

This display could be combined with a public apology from Mr Ahern, who has brazenly insisted that we would become the laughing stock of Europe if we didn't move from the pencil and paper to the new technology.

Well, Mr Ahern, you were right about the former and we didn't need a load of failed voting machines to achieve that -- just a load of failed bankers and politicians.

John Caplis
Mulgrave St, Limerick

Irish Independent