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Cost of protest exceeds charge

Madam -- How much do you suppose the Household Charge protesters have spent doggedly trudging their way into our political consciousness? Surely they have splashed out more on participatory democracy than they would have done had they caved and handed over two crisp fifties.

The expense must be enormous when one considers the cost of Evian with which to rinse one's eyes after one has been maced, the cost of Deep Heat to reinvigorate one's arms after a good day's rocking of a ministerial limousine, the cost of Fisherman's Friends when one has roared one's self hoarse, batteries for the bullhorn, two-by-fours and nails for the placards, a nip of Powers for the morale.

"Where's the hundred quid?" our valiant marcher gets asked on his arrival home. "I blew it all at some sort of parade," is the answer.

Tristan Kessler,

Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Sunday Independent