Wednesday 22 January 2020

Coping classes

• Please assure the writer of yesterday's 'Coping Classes' letter, that they are not alone in how they're feeling.

I look at my parents -- who, like this writer, worked hard all their lives and paid their taxes. They helped rebuild the economy in the 1980s, they knuckled down and contributed. They played their part and now what is facing them? -- the household charge, water tax, reduction in entitlements, Budget after Budget.

It is not only infuriating but insulting to expect the good people of this country to pick up the tab yet again, when there is so much waste of taxpayers' money happening every day. When we voted in this new Government, we gave them a mandate for change -- not more of the same -- which is exactly what we're getting.

I fully agree that until every other avenue is explored, taxing us on our homes and water shouldn't even come into the equation. We need change and it has to come from the top down. Not the bottom up. They should lead by example, not try and bully us and threaten to knock on our doors to remind us to pay more tax.

The 'coping-class citizens' have had enough and will not take any more. Rest assured -- I have every faith that we can and will resist any more taxation and we will show the troika and our Government that we will not be bullied and threatened into submission.

We haven't paid the household charge and nor will we. We live in a small village and the only amenity I can see are the street lights; we have no library, no playground, and the green areas are kept thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers who tend to them.

I only hope that yesterday's writer slept a bit better, after composing such an excellent and insightful letter into everything that is wrong with this country.

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