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Coping class -- but only just

Madam -- Carol Hunt has been consistent, if nothing else, in her quest to highlight the plight of those in negative equity. Whilst this is admirable, her recent article attacking public sector workers who are "coining it" and indeed the Sunday Independent's continued negative commentary on public sector wages has compelled me to write.

Both my husband and I are public sector workers; he is a basic grade whilst I have a professional qualification and am educated to Masters level. Yes, we seemingly have a job for life; however, our take-home salaries have been decimated to say the least. So much so, that for our weekly shop last week I had €55 to spend on a family of four, comprised of €25 in Tesco vouchers and €30 in cash and change; the remnants left after bills and the mortgage were paid. So instead of "coining it", we were counting the coins to live and eat.

Meanwhile, the single mother living down the road, in a similar house to ours, whose rent is mostly paid by the taxpayer, walks by on a nearly daily basis, with full shopping bags. She will probably have more children, whilst we sadly cannot afford an extra mouth to feed.

Now I am not begrudging anyone a roof over their head or a bite to eat. I am instead, highlighting the injustice of portraying all public service workers as being overpaid and making a comparison of lifestyles between some people on welfare and the 'coping classes', as some like to call us.

We may be coping, but only just and we are certainly not 'coining it'.

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