Saturday 24 March 2018

Conventional wisdom wrong

All that is wrong with this country of ours was brought home to me upon reading the report on the new convention centre in yesterday's Irish Independent.

Apparently the State is to pay €47m annually or €3.9m per month for the next five years, plus €24m for the next 20 years to "rent" the national convention centre under a public/private partnership agreement from its developers Treasury Holdings, a company we are bailing out through NAMA. How many hospital procedures would this pay for? How many jobs would this investment create? How many nurses would this money cover? How many special needs teachers?

Why can't we have the guts to face down those who have beggared our country for generations to come by taking over their assets instead of their liabilities? The time for tugging the forelock of the financial whizz-kids is well and truly over despite the sycophancy displayed by Government.

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