Saturday 21 September 2019

Continent was exploited by West

Kevin Myers' column about Africa is without question one of the most scurrilous and pathetic pieces of journalism to have ever seen the light of the day.

Mr Myers points to various conflicts which have taken place in Africa but sadly neglects to mention the huge Euro-American arms trade that fuels these disputes, nor does he discuss the crushing impact of European imperialism which viciously exploited Africa of its resources and carved up the continent based on imposed artificial borders; the consequences of which African people must deal with on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Mr Myers does not discuss the gross inequities in our global trading system in which the American and European Union economies and financial institutions impose neo-liberal free trade policies on Africa while continuing to subsidise their own agricultural sector to an exorbitant level.

Frankly, the column is an affront to anyone who believes in human rights, who shares a humanitarian, egalitarian ethos and with any semblance of decency.



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