Wednesday 25 April 2018

Consultants' pay is no mystery

Sir -- James Fitzsimons reports (Sunday Independent, July 3, 2011) that "the pay of senior hospital consultants is still a mystery". Well, presumably that is why he works as a financial adviser instead of as an investigative reporter. The information is freely available on or A consultant appointed in the past year who has not previously been in a consultant post earns €192,000. New appointees earn €172,000. Mystery solved.

After tax and levies and everything else, for the higher-paid consultant, on a Type A contract (public practice only, accounting for approximately 85 per cent of consultants), the monthly take-home pay is €7,500. This suggests pay and levies of €90,000 paid to the Exchequer. Lower the consultant pay and you lower the consultant taxation. I would happily see that happen.

The contract which I signed with the Minister for Health and Children in 2008 guaranteed me a salary of €242,000. This was never paid. I have ceased all private work, as per my contract, but I have never been paid the "fat-cat" salary which is so often and so mistakenly reported in return for ceasing private work which would be carried out in my spare time and at weekends.

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