Wednesday 22 January 2020

Consultants' fees should be tripled

I am writing in response to a ridiculous rant 'Professionals must cut fees' (Letters, February 16) by Philip Green from Malahide.

When Philip next visits his cardiologist complaining of palpitations he will reluctantly hand over €160. I say this is not enough. Triple the fee.

You see, Philip's physician will have spent six years in university, then six years overworked and underpaid as a trainee in a public hospital.

During that time, he or she is often at risk of needle-stick injuries, such as HIV or Hepatitis C. When our friend from Malahide finds frozen pipes leaking during a cold spell, he'll gladly hand over €300 to his plumber.

So, Mr Green, suck it up. If you and your ilk continue to sulk then highly skilled professionals will pop off elsewhere.

Bondi is 26 degrees and very sunny this time of year. Australia is in constant need of dentists, GPs and specialists.

John Carmody
Sydney, NSW, australia

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