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• I had intended voting "Yes" in the Children's Referendum on Saturday based on the balance of probability that doing so would be the correct decision.

I am now going to vote "No" because the Irish Government has been found, in the Mark McCrystal case in the Supreme Court, to have very seriously breached the previous constitutional ruling in the McKenna case.

If in doubt, we should never vote to change Bunreacht na hEireann. In some instances, the people have been misinformed on the issues by the Government and the Government has inappropriately used the people's funds to advocate on behalf of one side in this referendum.

If the people vote "No" on this occasion, it will force the Government to re-run the referendum and next time, the Government will have to abide by the rule of law.

The people will also have more time to fully evaluate the important issues involved.

Our Constitution is the property and the will of the people, and this needs to be demonstrated by the people to the Government.

Dr Edward Horgan
Newtown, Co Limerick

Irish Independent