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Constitution used against common good

The judiciary should be ashamed to use the Constitution against the will of the people and the common good.

But let's not be surprised, they have been doing that for years. The Constitution in the hands of the legal profession and judges has become the protector of all sorts of vested interests, from criminal gangs to property speculators to the judiciary itself.

I believe that there is a strong case for not having a Constitution and incorporating the necessary provisions into ordinary law, possibly with a 75pc majority required for certain "constitutional" laws, just to prevent Fianna Fail in its next incarnation from doing what it knows best . . . treating the state as a party property.

Incidentally, don't be surprised that FF 'looked after' the civil service and semi-state bosses. Fianna Fail are sometimes out of office, but never out of power.

John Lynch
Model Farm Road, Co Cork

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