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Consensus idea a route to disaster

Attempts at some form of national government or political consensus might appear to be drawn from that wise old saying, 'a problem shared is a problem halved'. However, in the context in which the Greens want to see this come to pass, it's a recipe for disaster.

What we need now is for someone to take ownership of our debt problem and deal with it with conviction, not further delegation where accountability becomes an early casualty. We elect politicians to lead, take responsibility and, when needed, make tough decisions. This latest Green proposal would see all our politicians -- of every creed and none -- sitting around a table trying to deal with a problem that none of them see as theirs.

It's a time for action, not more stalling and talking. The current administration needs to swallow hard, make the tough calls it deems necessary and get on with it. It will not be returned to government after the next election. But if it acts with conviction now and makes the difficult decisions that it deems are needed, it may save itself from irrevocable damage.

Brendan Corrigan

Irish Independent