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Congratulations from the US to the new Miss Ireland

Letters to the Editor


Miss Ireland Pamela Uba

Miss Ireland Pamela Uba

Miss Ireland Pamela Uba

Many Americans have Irish heritage. I could start with our president, Joe Biden, as the leader of the United States of America, he is very proud of his Irish lineage!

Years ago, I attended Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Our mascot was then, and still is, ‘The Fighting Irish’. And in the United States on March 17, everyone is Irish.

I am an African-American. Therefore, through cultural identity, I identify with Ireland’s success in crowning Pamela Uba as the country’s first Black Miss Ireland.

Call it ‘the luck of the Irish’ if you will.

I look forward to seeing more of her representing your country as she takes to the main stage

Wayne E. Williams

New Jersey, US


As vaccination figures rise, something doesn’t add up

I am perplexed with the varying news items regarding the vaccine roll-out. The latest figure is 85pc fully vaccinated and another number with just one jab.

Can someone please explain why our case numbers remain so high, given those statistics? It does not add up, especially when we recall earlier statements by health experts that case numbers would be significantly lower when we hit high vaccination numbers.

I also notice that the US has warned its citizens not to travel to Ireland unless the journey is essential. It updated its website two weeks ago by putting us in the red zone, the highest danger category.

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Is somebody not telling us something we should know?

J O’Connell

Name and address with editor


How IRFU can manage its transition into the future

The IRFU owes a debt of gratitude to Philip Browne as he steps down as chief executive, and we all hope his successor will continue the good work. Of at least equal importance will be the next two international management teams.

I suggest going for Pat Lam followed by Ronan O’Gara. Just look at what Lam achieved at Connacht and is doing at Bristol, and what O’Gara is doing at La Rochelle, and doing it while playing exciting rugby.

David Ryan

Co Meath

How everybody can take action to protect their health

Eilish O’Regan’s recent article ‘Just one glass of wine or beer a night increases your risk of mouth cancer’ (Irish Independent, September 13) is both timely and important in highlighting the link between alcohol consumption and mouth cancer.

At the Dental Health Foundation (DHF), we empower people to take action to protect their oral health, prevent oral disease and practise good oral hygiene.

In the busy lives we lead nowadays, it is easy to forget to pay attention to a tell-tale symptom, ignore it completely or put it on the long finger to deal with later.

For example, a mouth sore, or ulcer that doesn’t heal, white or red patches inside the mouth, difficulty in swallowing or chewing. Everyday cares, you may think, that could have a hidden risk.

Early detection in any cancer is vitally important, especially for mouth, head, and neck cancers. For a late detection, the survival rate is around 50pc after five years.

A good oral health routine, including regular dental check-ups, combined with increased awareness of the above signs and symptoms, can play a vital role in early detection and treatment of mouth cancer.

Further information is available at
www.dentalhealth.ie , www.mouthcancer.ie and www.cancer.ie.

Orlaith Kennedy

Chief Executive, Dental Health Foundation



We dig deep for Afghanistan as sponsors of war are silent

The US, France, China, Norway and western countries are providing aid to Afghanistan. Apparently nothing from the countries that sponsored the war and not a word from the silent backers: wealthy Gulf states.

The Taliban militia looks extremely fit and well fed. That’s sure to continue.

Dr Michael Foley

Rathmines, Dublin


Difficulties faced by students as they return to third level

As a student I was able to access a course that was within a reasonable distance of my home. Reading of the difficulties faced by students who can’t find accommodation at colleges far from home, it seems that not only points but reasonable geographical accessibility of courses should be taken into account when offering college places.

Mary Frances Rogan

Co na Gaillimhe

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