Thursday 22 March 2018

Confronting suicide 'virus'

Madam – Brendan O'Connor's article 'So much talk of suicide may be letting it go viral,' in the Sunday Independent (December 16, 2012) makes a number of interesting points while at the same time not taking away from the grief that family and close friends experience at this terrible time.

In Ireland we have undergone major changes in society in a generation. Institutions that people looked up to have come tumbling down. There is a new openness and previously taboo subjects are now being discussed openly which is a good thing. However like Mr O'Connor I would like to add a word of caution in the way suicide is being discussed.

Unfortunately for some people, suicide is being looked on as an option. Seeing young people dressed in their school uniforms, grieving and forming guards of honour for a fellow student who has taken their life does make for dramatic TV. I do not wish to minimise this public display of grief but with the exception of the immediate family and close friends, the majority of these people will begin to move on after the event. Unfortunately for the immediate family and very close friends healing will not happen as quickly.

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