Sunday 17 December 2017

Coming back from the mother of all mistakes

The Irish Mammy: must be pleased
The Irish Mammy: must be pleased

Currently, I am the worst son in the world. I committed a crime so horrific that I shall never be forgiven. Upon awaking on Sunday last, my mother would have condemned me to the deepest depths of Tartarus for a sin so heinous that the courts don't outlaw it for fear it might give people ideas. I forgot about Mother's Day.

She awoke without a card or a wish and it was not until after midday that I realised my mistake, a point at which it was too late. This made me wonder: what is the point of this day? Surely we should express our love to our mothers and fathers because we want to and not because of some tradition on one day a year? To me it seems that any actions taken on those days are meaningless, but it doesn't matter. All that matters now is whether my mother appreciates receiving her card and chocolates a little bit late – because no matter what our personal beliefs are, they must go out the window to please Irish Mothers.


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