Saturday 20 January 2018

Columnists spot on about drugs

IT was refreshing to read Kevin Myers and Ian O'Doherty tell it like is regarding the deaths of Gerry Ryan and Katy French.

What made them any different from a junkie dying from an overdose? In my mind, nothing. They were just the same but had more money. As Kevin Myers said, they just had a "coke habit", which they could afford and both knew full well what they were doing.

Pity the poor parents who have lost children to addiction, those who have tried to get their children to stop, in some cases to no avail. Let's get honest here and call them both what they were. It has been reported that the police have cracked down on a drug ring and arrested 45 people. This is wonderful. They must never stop until they get them all behind bars. More power to Kevin Myers and Ian, who tell the truth at all times.

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