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Colour blind

• Over the past few weeks, I have heard (without correction) countless references, both on the airwaves, and in print (including your Letters page), to the fine display of green, white and gold tricolours around the country, and with our supporters in Poland.

Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela all symbolise the gold stolen by the Spanish with the colour yellow in their flags (along with blue for the ocean the Spanish crossed, and red for the blood spilled).

As far as I am aware, the Spanish never shipped boatloads of gold from Irish shores at any stage in history, hence the lack of yellow in our flag. Our tricolour does, however, proudly acknowledge the two traditions on the island, represented by the colours green and orange, with a central white band representing the hope of peace and unity.

Pretending our flag is green, white and gold/yellow is disingenuous and disrespectful to the intended meaning, and more than a little childish.

Either accept the tricolour as it is, or wave something else.

Fergus Cafferty
Barna, Co Galway

Irish Independent