Friday 23 March 2018

Colm’s aim is off target

Sir -- Colm O O'Rourke's recent solo run, Soapbox (Sunday Independent, April 11, 2010) would hardly be the first Croke Park opposition that he has upset over the years. While Colm delivered many a great point during his playing career, this might be a shot that he should have passed for another player to deliver. His attempt at goal is as usual genuine, but it will no doubt be seen as easy for him, from his position, to advise people to work harder for less, and have less complaining about the current state of the playing field.

Comparisons with the Second World War recovery may be a useful rallying cry, and of course a positive outlook is important when we take the field. But with the team so genuinely concerned and fearful with what the future holds, he kicks a bad wide here by not stressing the gross unfairness with the way that the game is being handled by the man in black.

Is it any wonder there are such negative vibes in the dressing room? The party may be over, but it appears that it is the people going through the turnstiles that are being told to pay for the wine they never got to drink.

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