Saturday 25 November 2017

Cocaine use aids evil gangsters

Sir --I listened to Gerry Ryan's radio programme many times and agree he was a wonderful broadcaster, but I think it's about time we confronted head-on the scourge of drug abuse in our society. As with the model Katy French, we seem to want to avoid the implications of Gerry's cocaine usage.

Apart from the harmful effects of this disgusting habit (heart failure, stroke, abdominal pains, severe paranoia resulting in horrific hallucinations), cocaine snorting is not a victimless crime.

Anyone using this illegal drug is aiding and abetting the evil gangsters who have brought so much grief and mayhem to communities nationwide. The money paid for this substance goes straight into the pockets or bank accounts of those greed-motivated predators who thrive on the ruination of people of all ages. Drug pushers are no better than paedophiles.

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