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Closer to Botswana . . . No sympathy . . . Blame bosses

A 45pc rise in VHI B plan -- I had to check to make sure I wasn't living in Zimbabwe. Maybe Mary Harney's famous quote should now be rewritten: Closer to Botswana than Berlin.

Conan Doyle
Co Kilkenny

  • Pardon me if I do not join in the sympathy for Ivan Yates. He owned a 160-acre farm in Wexford, had a state pension of €50,000 from his time in politics and was making in the region of €100,000 from his media appearances. His sources of wealth are a multiple of what an average person can earn.

Yet he is bankrupt. Why? Because he chose to run a gambling business. His profits in this business were on the backs of many compulsive gamblers. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

NAme and address with editor

  • Cathy Daniel (Letters, January 7) expresses her problem with public sector employees who may be re-hired in positions they left with financial packages, blaming them for greed and more.

This practice is very common in the private sector. Instead of directing her anger at those coming back into the workplace she should instead direct her opposition to the senior management that plan, organise and put into effect this policy.

Michael Kelly
Dublin 15

  • Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny is talking nonsense saying that no one overseas is really interested in meeting Fianna Fail ministers on St Patrick's Day 2011.

Every bondholder with a stake in the loans that the government signed up to, on behalf of the taxpayer, now earns much more than they would have if the Irish banks were in good financial standing.

They will be lining up to hug and back-slap any Cabinet member they meet.

Declan Foley
Berwick, Australia

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