Tuesday 20 February 2018

Close Anglo before it closes the country

THE Chinese say "when a big tree falls in the forest a lot of monkeys hit the ground". The Anglo Irish Bank tree is like the Monty Python parrot, it is an ex-tree, it is dead, gone, and no longer able to be reasonably described as a tree. The biggest tree in the forest of failure that is Irish banking is being held up by four million exhausted saplings, shouldering this dead weight of a monument to the Celtic Tiger.

I don't regard myself as having a big brain. Unfortunately for the proponents of the "no other option" argument, I don't have a little one either. Mine is a medium-sized brain. My average brain has been working overtime to try and understand why I am pushing up my side of this dead tree.

The gaffers, the Government, keep shouting: "It's going to be worse for you if that tree falls over." Only because you put me so close to it I tell myself. The more I push the more it occurs to me that the fall is going to be much worse for all the monkeys scratching themselves up the tree.

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