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Clamp pain

The train pulled into the train station. My wife sprinted across and just made it. I spun the car out of the car park, empty save for one vehicle. Solitary, single and sad looking, the black SUV looked so lonely in the car park. A train station built not for the then residents but for what might come. Then the Celtic Tiger slipped the leash and the station serves far fewer than originally was envisaged.

The SUV was stuck in a car park for a train station that expected thousands of commuters in Meath's awaiting concrete belt.

The black 4x4 was tethered to the tarmac with a great ugly yellow clamp surrounded by a chain that would sink a slave galley. My God, my village that I came to in 1986 has come to this. Are we so hard up for cash that the owner of the black 4x4 became the victim of the preying new growth industry in Ireland, ie fleece anyone with an address?

Coming here all those years ago we came to a community that knew each other personally, that cared, that welcomed us. Two or three buses a day commuted to town; green fields and hope for the future was how I found my village.

On the word of some faceless autocrat with some useless minister's permission, it has been decreed to clamp cars in a near empty car park in Dunboyne, wow!

Hey Mr Clamper and Iarnrod Eireann or CIE, or whatever name you now go under, this is my village with real people that care, that look out for each other, that saw it before it was mass concreted by greed and avarice.

John Cuffe

Dunboyne, Co Meath