Sunday 26 January 2020

Civil servants have suffered

Sir -- Last Sunday I saw a front page scoop by Jody Corcoran and John Whelan: "Revealed -- how pay cut spin duped the nation".

I was so certain that this referred to pay cut cancellation for top civil servants sneaked out in a circular on December 23.

But no, it was to do with Mary Duffy from Tullamore whose husband lost his job in the private sector. She suffered pay reductions in her civil service low paid job, and their house was repossessed.

All those matters were put in the public domain by other media during the previous week.

For the Duffys and countless others like them the harsh reality is that they have suffered greatly, while higher paid civil servants, bankers and their ilk have been cossetted by this government.

Brendan Cafferty,

Ballina, Co. Mayo

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