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Citizens should be free to dress as they please

IN Micheal McCullagh's letter (Irish Independent, June 26) he tells us that no group should impose their dress code on other citizens of the state, then out the other side of his mouth he tells us very clearly what he personally thinks should be allowable as he imposes his own views -- "in walking the streets of Ireland, I don't want to see people in dress that imposes on my mind conflicting thoughts".

I suppose all conflicting ideologies and thoughts reflected in fashions like punk, hippy and goth garb should be prohibited as each of these groups seeks to express its own identity and 'impose its view' of the world on the fragile and easily-offended rest of us.

And what about T-shirts with slogans? Perhaps they could all be restricted to private, indoor use.

Perhaps Michael, who 'imposes' his own view of the world every time he leaves his house clothed in whatever clothes he likes to wear, would hope someday to see us all in the ubiquitous, equalising green pyjamas once favoured by that prime example of a secular society -- Maoist China.

Nick Folley
Carrigaline, Cork

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