Monday 26 February 2018

Church will survive tired agenda against it

IT is no great surprise to hear the same tired old hackneyed arguments trotted out again by Ray Behan (Letters, July 6).

In a remarkable feat of church-bashing, Mr Behan claims the church has "dominated the State since its creation" and is effectively responsible for all the ills of society. On the contrary, the overwhelming majority of Irish missionaries have a remarkable record of feeding the poor and tending to the sick around the world, and indeed at home there have been many, many priests and nuns who have given their lives to serve others. Of course Mr Behan would rather forget about the facts and rewrite history to portray innocent and selfless priests and religious as being rapists, abusers and hate mongers. There have been many attacks on the church throughout history and I have no doubt it will survive.

However, the breadth and depth of the vitriol is at times quite startling. Facts, truth, justice and fairness are being thrown by the wayside and replaced with lies, fabrication and historical untruths to suit a political agenda. Indeed, Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has said in the past few days he would draft legislation to seize the schools from the church and, if necessary, "send in the bailiffs".

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