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Church must end its control of schools

THE release of the Cloyne Report brought back my memories of a young priest working alongside Pope John Paul II on his visit to Ireland in 1979. That priest who moved up the hierarchy ladder within the Catholic Church is Bishop John Magee.

Today on RTE Radio One lunchtime programme I listened with tears in my eyes of how a young woman told us that she was raped and how she could not have her own children due to abuse which took place within the diocese that Bishop Magee controlled.

For over 20 years these awful abuse cases have been a constant worry to myself as a practising Catholic with young children. I have listened to the promises by the leadership in the church that things will change and are changing, but nothing has changed. What are we to do?

My family played a small role in our local church with the hope that things could change.

I have now lost all hope and I ask for guidance from the church as what to do now. The church is involved in all aspects of my children's education, I want this to end. Is there someone who speaks for the church that can reassure us all?

Paul Doran
Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Irish Independent