Thursday 14 November 2019

Children's mental health being ignored

Last week's Catholic Church child protection watchdog report shows that most of the new allegations of abuse were made against deceased clerics or those who are retired.

It seems that crimes of abuse against children are only exposed when the perpetrators are retired, dying or dead. How about we catch some live ones?

May I propose that the principals of each of the 3,000 primary schools in Ireland be given €100 a week, ring-fenced to spend on a self-employed counsellor for two or three hours a week. The approximate cost would be €300,000 a week.

A qualified on-site counsellor could detect any emotional, physical or sexual abuse and take appropriate action. Additionally, they could counsel children who suffer with a range of emotional problems and assist teachers to better cope with these children.

International research shows that in the long term, money invested in children's mental health will benefit the state financially.

Ian McCabe, Psy.D
Dublin 6

Irish Independent

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