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Children of war

• Regarding the report by British lawyers on the detention of Palestinian youths by the Israeli authorities (Irish Independent June 27), Israel, as an open society, welcomes the legal delegation that visited Israel to learn about the challenges involved in dealing with minors taking part in acts of militancy and violence.

However, the article failed to mention the context for Israel's actions. Palestinian media and education continually bombards its youth with hatred of Israel and Jews, inciting them to violence.

It is common for even young Palestinian children to be dressed up as suicide bombers. This diseased mentality inevitably produces the phenomenon of Palestinian youths engaging in murder and attempted murder of Israeli civilians.

The most infamous example in recent times was the attack in Itamar last March when two Palestinian teenagers slaughtered a Jewish family, including decapitating a three-month-old baby.

As long as the Palestinian Authority fails to investigate and prosecute violence by Palestinian youths in the West Bank, Israel itself is compelled to do so.

Boaz Modai
Ambassador of Israel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Irish Independent