Thursday 21 November 2019

Children last

In the event of any unconventional incident or unjust action making news it wasn't unusual in the past to hear the remark: "It wouldn't happen in China." Alas, it applies no longer.

In a country where the family is enshrined in the Constitution, it seems odd that having a family could be counter to your ability to buy a home for that family.

Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers (Irish Independent, September 11) advised couples to ''hold off kids if you want a mortgage'', adding, ''it's nearly impossible to get a loan if there are children'.' Lenders claim this is not "official" policy.

I know a professional married couple in their 30s who are high earners who have worked in very secure positions for the past 10 years.

A loan that was already set up was temporarily put on hold because, before the final contract was signed, the young lady, through a slip of the tongue, admitted a third child was on the way. Now, their considerable initial deposit will need to be increased while their potential borrowing power may possibly be reduced. They have lived for the past five years in a spacious two-bedroom apartment, which they bought from the drawings and have a large part of the mortgage repaid. Because of the prospective family increase, it's only natural they would want to upgrade to a three-bedroom house.

Here we have a typical hard-working young couple contributing their utmost in brains and service towards the economy. Yet, they are clobbered by the very same capitalists who, through their indiscriminate, unsecured lending of billions in the past, are responsible for our current plight.

The noblest motive is the public good.

James Gleeson
Thurles, Co Tipperary

Irish Independent

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