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Childish diatribe is a step too far

I am horrified that you thought it appropriate to publish Ian O'Doherty's disgusting, bilious diatribe ('Sterilising junkies may seem harsh, but it does make sense', February 18). He has called people 'scumbags', 'worthless', and 'vermin'. He has said that he 'hates them more that anything', would cheer if they were all to die, and has called for their sterilisation. Does it matter who he was talking about?

It was childish and crass. It was intentionally hateful and abusive. It was also cowardly. Mr O'Doherty knows that those he insults are not "going to start writing letters to the Indo and ringing 'Liveline' to complain".

Damon Barrett London Single seats give voters choice

There will be no realignment in Irish politics under the dead hand of our multi-seat electoral system.

We need single-seat constituencies, not with the straight vote as they have in Britain, but with the single transferable vote (STV). This would result in a quota of 50pc + 1 as presently pertains in by-elections. As there would be competition between the parties for the single seat, it should present real political choices to the electorate.

Andrew J Moran

Woodford, Co Galway